Hair Works Stimulating Oil has done wonders to my dry and itchy scalp. It keeps my scalp dandruff free and has grown my hair a lot. Everyone in my household has benefited from using this liquid gold!
— LaKenya N.
My hair is really growing. I can get it into a ponytail in its natural state now. Hair Works Stimulating oil really does work.
— Yolanda J.
This oil has done wonders for my baby’s cradle cap.
— Tiaerra G.
My son had a scar in his head that did not ever clear up after using anything else - After using Hair Works oil the scar went away in days!
— Nyeasha J.
After using Hair Works Stimulating Oil on my head I could immediately tell good ingredients were used
— Carol p.
My scalp was so dry and itchy , but since I started putting Hair Works Oil in my hair I have not had to scratch my head, and I am picky when it comes to my hair!
— BreAnna M.